Overcoming Writing Challenges

In our WordPress local meetup we have been discussing content, its creation, and its management. ¬†One of the great useful tools built into the WordPress platform is the ‘Press This’ function.

press this wordpress tool button

A simple button, added to your bookmarks bar, or as a mobile bookmark, allows you to quickly and easily re-blog [curate] most anything you find online. Add your own perspective and share the original with your readers quickly and easily.

The post found here is a curation [reblog] of Curata’s curation of Copyblogger’s re-posting of an earlier article, and now represents a third layer of content curation. The original post has great value to our May 2106 topic of creating good content and should be enjoyed by all our members.

PressThis content example

Source: Overcoming The Three Biggest Writing Challenges

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