Tiny HouseAre you ready to EAT? This is a project of the Triad WordPress Meetup and we’re using this platform to demonstrate how to cook up a great WordPress site. It is sort of our test kitchen for ideas, tools and technology. The key is…don’t show up expecting food!

We meet each month and offer a 20-minute Happiness Bar (if you’ve ever been to Wordcamp then you’ll know where that name came from) where we answer live questions, solve problems and research dilemmas. After, that we have a presentation by one of the members or a guest speaker about something WordPress related. It may be as simple as how to get started in WordPress development or as complicated as building your own theme or using GIT for version control and testing.

You’ll find all levels of experience at the meetings and we welcome new people. If you’d like to join us then reservations can be made at Meetup.com/TriadWordPress.

Oh yeah, why the name Tiny House Cafe? We meet each month at the home of John Williams and he is a leader in the Southeast in Tiny Home design and buildout. He has a great meeting space that is designed like a 50’s ice cream shop so we’re able to continue our food theme each month.

Watch this site for new pages and content as we try out the tools, tips and techniques that we learn about in the Triad WordPress Meetup. Better yet, come join us and help us cook up the best sites on the internet.

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